17 May 2018

How to install The Digital Pali Reader

This is a most useful tool for the amateur translator. It provides a database of the Tipiṭaka in romanised script with a search facility and the inbuilt dictionaries allow for instant lookup of words. It does not provide translations - which is where SuttaCentral is useful. 

It requires  version of Mozilla Firefox that supports legacy extensions to operate and this is a guide to installation. 

A brief guide to installing the DPR

First you must have either Palemoon,  Waterfox or version 56.0 of Firefox or older for it to run on. If you have none of these then one of them must be installed. If you install Firefox then you must turn off the auto updates - which will leave you open to security violations.
[Since writing this I've been informed there is an ESR version of Firefox that still supports legacy extensions. I also recommend Palemoon over Waterfox]

There is a video tutorial now for this post. See below.

Once you have one of the browsers installed, you can go to https://pali.sirimangalo.org/ and download both the DPR extension and Myanmar Tipitaka extensions from the sidebar on the top right, and optionally the Thai Tipitaka and Sanskrit dictionary extensions.
Next these extensions are loaded into the browser as follows:

  1. Find the downloaded extension files; the .xpi filetype  in Windows Explorer.
  2. Start Firefox or Palemoon if not already running,
  3. Drag and drop an XPI file into the browser window 
  4. A notification will appears that an external source wants to install an add-on: click install
  5. Repeat for each XPI
  6. Restart the Browser if necessary

If the DPR sidebar is not visible on the left:

Go to the 'Open Menu' tab

Click on the DPR icon

Finally, Click on the ? icon on the DPR sidebar to access the help instructions.

I've recently made a video guide to installing and using the DPR:


  1. Hello, I would like to recommend the Tipitaka.app (https://tipitaka.app/ - https://www.facebook.com/tipitaka.org/).

  2. Thanks,
    That's very cool. I'll add it to the resource page too.